From the intimacy of the famous Sofar Sounds sessions, to a headline show at ace city venue 81 Renshaw Street, Georgia Black is a singer who is getting in people’s faces. Her music won’t do that, though, these are melodies and meanderings that charm their way inside your soul. By Denis Parkinson.

It can be hard to believe in magic amidst the cold-hearted reality of the modern world. We all need an otherworldly escape from the everyday, but sometimes it’s just too hard to believe. For many, music is a way of stepping outside of the routine, a way of letting go or finding a better feeling. Music can so often be the magic we need. Sometimes it’s the song that casts the spell and sometimes it’s the voice. On that rarest of occasions it can be both and the hairs on the back of your neck let you know.

‘The Morning’s Just Begun’ (listen below), the latest single from London-born, Liverpool based Georgia Black, is a slow and relaxed song delivered with confidence and poise. It’s smooth, rhythmic and radiates quality… and it’s a reason to believe. The song is an interesting mix of old and new: a classic jazz-soul voice, mixed with understated electronica, and leading to a mellow – but highly original – listening experience. The lyrics and atmosphere address mental health issues, making the listening experience feel personal and intimate. The process of grieving and keeping going are evident, too. “I felt it was necessary to join others speaking up as I believe it’s a disease that many struggle to understand,” says Black. “In writing about my own experiences, I hope it gives others some comfort in knowing they’re not suffering on their own.”

‘The Morning’s Just Begun’ is literate, meaningful and insightful… just like its singer. Her back story includes a career-start with punk show-band Dirty Stop Out¬†– where she worked alongside¬†legendary The Clash guitarist, singer, songwriter and producer, Mick Jones. Standing on the shoulders of previous¬†single, ‘Will I Be Waiting?’, this latest tune shows an artist growing into themselves.

This is trip-hop meeting Billie Holiday under the guise of an emerging talent with the potential to put us all under a spell.

‘The Morning’s Just Begun’, by Georgia Black, is out now


Pic by Ain’t Shook