Recording music and playing gigs, Bad Mood are doing it properly. No open-mic acoustic spots for these agitators – every gig is a matter for noise and confusion. And tunes… the four piece punk art riot haven’t forgot those. Just as well, really, as they have something to say. By Alan O’Hare.

You might have seen Bad Mood badges and posters around the town. ‘Fuck the Tories’ they proclaim and feature a grotesque picture of David Cameron with a pig’s snout. The music’s a bit like that, too. Well, some of it is… some of it is also more measured and melodic than that righteous ire might suggest.

You can box yourself very quickly with slogans and bluster. But Bad Mood are about more than that and are developing the tunes to back it up. Building themselves a following from free demo CD giveaways and spiteful live showings, the four piece are gathering pace. A bit like one of their songs.

Tunes often start on a brilliant bass line and turn taut on false finishes, tempo changes and the stutter-and-awe of a tightly wound Telecaster. The twin guitar attack sounds great, all sturm und drang, while the tunes themselves take on the times we’re living in. “Here’s your place, count what you own, feeling out of place and told to wait your turn,” goes the delicious first verse of recent promo single, ‘May 2nd’, and that feeling you felt when you first heard Nirvana’s ‘In Utero’ hits you deep in the pit of your stomach.

Bad Mood sound nothing like Nirvana, though. Sure, Cobain’s influence runs right through the whole gestalt of the group, but remarkably it’s The Stranglers who come to mind when searching for a comparison (hey, it’s what we do). Remarkably… as who has ever sound like The Stranglers? Bad Mood do – particularly in the attack of the bottom end and on tunes like the standout ‘Intro’. Whatever these early influences (the band have been together less than a year), you get the feeling Bad Mood will transcend them in the studio and deliver a first record full of fire and fuck you.

Sorry about the swearing, but it’s the mood we’re in.

Bad Mood
Friday July 22nd 2016, Maguire’s Pizza Bar, Renshaw Street, Liverpool

Bad Mood Musik

Pic by Steve Hampson