Not many bands get to celebrate a decade of playing together and releasing records… especially punk bands. Then again, Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies are much more than just a punk band and refuse to stay still in a glass category case. Have you ever seen them live? They’re an artful and tuneful rock ‘n’ roll riot. By Alan O’Hare.

Jagged guitars, urgent drums and honking great slabs of saxophone dominate ‘Goth Postman’, the current single from primitive rock ‘n’ rollers, Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies. “He was nervous about the postal service,” declares the frontman and we’re away on an indefatigable art-punk adventure. It’s live, loud and typical of the group who celebrate their tenth anniversary this weekend.

“We started in 2008 and sing about things we believe in,” they say. Ain’t that the truth. The righteous and raucous racket of ‘Goth Postman’ was released in partnership with the Sophie Lancaster Foundation and all proceeds from the single go to the foundation. “We’d like to thank you for your ongoing support and for being a part of Sophie’s legacy,” said the foundation upon the release. “We continue to work towards a more tolerant society that celebrates, not fears, difference.”

Bentham and his rockers celebrate difference alright. The irresistible onslaught of the likes of ‘Dead’s Not Punk’ (“I’m not saying go straight edge, but maybe get your veg'”) and the strident-yet-still on the surface sax’-filled soul of ‘Do The Don’t’ (“History is created by those who say ‘no’ / Darwin, Jesus, Lydon and co.”) are both brilliant highlights of ‘This Is Kitchencore’, the brand new ‘best of’ just released on Antipop Records. The group has recently completed a European tour and continue to play incendiary shows around the UK and at festivals such as Rebellion, Fire In The Mountain and Sound City.

That’s the PR… but the music backs it up, too. ‘Goth Postman’ is apparently a true story and fits the much-loved group’s gestalt perfectly. During a decade of scene and genre-building (“This is kitchencore!”), the DIY outfit have released three albums and two EP’s filled with raw and rocking pop. Yeah, The Cramps and X-Ray Spex are in there; but there’s something else happening here mister, erm, E. Smith. With the likes of Lydon and, say, Morrissey, becoming increasingly infuriating, we should all turn our lonely eyes to Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies – especially those of us looking for our daily dread wrapped up by the kitchen sink in a perfect punk package.

You can even hear the words.

Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies: 10 Year Birthday Party
Saturday 15th September 2018, 8pm
Invisible Wind Factory, Regent Road, Liverpool
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‘This Is Kitchencore’, by Pete Bentham and The Dinner Ladies, is out now

Pic courtesy Antipop Records