Confessional songwriters are ten-a-penny, aren’t they? Perhaps, but good ones aren’t. Especially ones who manage to stand-out in an overcrowded field and grow into something worth nurturing. There’s a brand new EP on the horizon from Emilio Pinchi – and it’s the best thing he’s ever done. By Alan O’Hare.

“On a hazy drinking afternoon, I can’t get enough of you.” Songwriters are full of back-handed compliments. Bruce Springsteen was a spotty twenty-something when he described a muse as “not a beauty, but hey you’re alright”. Then there was Kate Bush’s famous “I hated you, I loved you too” couplet on ‘Wuthering Heights’. There are countless other examples of the cheeky bleeders thinking they’re better than mere mortals who can’t combine melody and lyric – and now we can add Emilio Pinchi to the list.

“On holiday I can’t get enough of you,” runs the lazy strum of ‘Holiday’, as the Liverpool-dweller sweetly sings his way into your heart on a bed of Badly Drawn Boy-esque piano notes and melodic delight. It’s a young sentiment, delivered with the kind of musical maturity that sets Pinchi apart from the three thousand five hundred and twenty seven other male troubadours offering something similar right now. What’s the difference? You’ll hear it in the lonesome harmonica wail and chugging rhythm of the Graham Coxon-like ‘Coffee’ and in the double-tracked atmospherics, reverb-drenched electric guitar colouring and lonely tale told within the still waters of the gorgeous ‘This Machine’ (watch below).

Pinchi’s ‘Holiday’ EP is released next month and it should be the dividing line. There’s been some lovely singles and nice gigs over the last couple of years, but no moment has felt as compelling as this for the popular singer/songwriter. ‘Holiday’ is a step-up and it’s about time – stand-out track ‘White Wine Water Bottle’ sees Pinchi emerge from the acoustic open-mic shadows with a production that recalls The Cure at their most charming: groove, melody and hooks-a-plenty are all present and correct. Talk so far – and there’s been BBC plays and big support slots – has been of Elliot Smith and Car Seat Headrest, but Pinchi is more than just a confessional songwriter. Sure, the vocals are conversational and sound like they were written late at night on an unplugged and battered electric guitar, but the stories being sung suit the singer and tell tales moving. The colourful instrumentation is just right, nothing is overplayed, and the atmosphere of ‘Holiday’ is one you’ll want to take away with you again and again.

Let’s hope he can take this momentum into gigs and a debut album, then we’ll have something to get really carried away with. One to watch? You’ve already missed the bus.

‘Holiday’ EP, by Emilio Pinchi, will be released November 9th 2018 – order here

Emilio Pinchi EP launch
Tuesday, 13th November 2018, 7pm
81 Renshaw Street, Liverpool
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Pic by Frankie Has A Camera