Music strikes in the strangest of ways. Like a cobra, coiled and ready to hit, it will jump up and take you wherever it wants you to go. ME And Deboe are a bit like that. Sure, they’re a bit gentler, but their percussive playing and hard-hitting harmonies leave a mark on audiences wherever they play. And they play a lot. By Alan O’Hare.

Many artists have covered Kate Bush. There was a time when it appeared to be a right of passage for any kooky young woman or man with an acoustic guitar and a fringe. It set you apart, you know? Showed that you knew your onions and you were unafraid to tackle the big fish.

It was around summer 2015 that ME And Deboe posted a cover of ‘Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)’ to Facebook. It blew me away… I love Kate Bush, you see. L-O-V-E her. There’s nothing you can tell me about Catherine that I don’t know. But ME And Deboe stopped me in my tracks: this was different. A pair of artists had finally grasped the nettle and found a way into a Kate Bush song that no singers had done before. They made it their own, kept the little bits that set the tune apart and breathed new life into a track that has lived a life less ordinary for nearly thirty years.

That’s ME And Deboe all over, though: breathing new life into still-living forms. Mercy Elise and Sarah Deboe will tell you that they play rock, flamenco, blues and classical… but the truth is much simpler: they play folk music, great folk music. Folk music for 2016 that chimes with the times and remains unflinching in culturally redundant circumstances and situations. “There are no tricks here,” declared the BBC’s Tom Robinson and he’s right: ME And Deboe play driving acoustic music that lives or dies on dexterous fingers and determined singing. The harmonies are first class, the tunes even better and the songs talk about the subjects of strength and heartbreak. So far, so good… but it’s live that these two singers and songwriters startle.

On a never-ending tour of festivals, pubs, clubs, gigs, events and everything in between since 2012, the Merseyside-based duo have to be seen to believed. Or, perhaps, believed in to be seen – as music as impactful as this doesn’t come along often. Original music doesn’t easily find a home, either, these days. Maybe it never has… but ME And Deboe stand proud in a tradition of performers – such as Jeff Buckley, Ray Davies, Bob Dylan and the previously-mentioned Kate Bush – who dare to be different and who always find a place for themselves, wherever they go, in the world.

Perhaps they live inside the songs.

ME And Deboe
Sunday August 28th 2016, Ziferblat Albert Dock, Liverpool
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