The comeback trail is a great place for bands, but to truly contend again you have to release new music. Reef are about to release their first new album in a long time and are on tour and coming to town to promote it. The rub? Sheryl Crow is on duet duties on the comeback single… and it’s great. By Alan O’Hare.

Remember Reef? ‘Place Your Hands’, ‘I’ve Got Something To Say’, TFI Friday… all that. Well, they’re back with their first new album in a very long time and Sheryl Crow is singing on the comeback single!

“That came about through the producer, George Drakoulias,” says bassist Jack Bessant. “The people we work with were picking up on this song as a possible single and our plugger and producer both thought it should be a duet. George the producer went back to Los Angeles and played the track to Sheryl and she was into it!” It’s not hard to hear why. ‘My Sweet Love’ is a rollicking change of direction for the rockers, all Rod Stewart and The Faces swing and swirling Hammond flourishes. There’s also a Thin Lizzy-esque guitar solo from new guitarist Jessie (Ronnie’s son) Wood. In short, it’s a cracker.

The Somerset band are on tour to promote the new single, and its parent album ‘Revelation’, so we had a chat ahead of this Saturday’s Liverpool date at Seel Street’s Arts Club…

What do you look forward to most about a tour?
Performing in front of a receptive crowd is the best bit – and finding places to skateboard or to hang out and play guitar!

Tell me about your times playing Liverpool over the years…
We’re are really excited about coming back to this great city, the last time we were there it was a lovely experience to see the docks and the Tate. We always get a response from a Liverpool crowd so it will be great to play them the new songs from ‘Revelation’.

New label, new guitarist, new record… how’s it all feeling?
Great! Jesse on guitar is a wonderful addition and we’re so happy to have finished an album with him after four years!

Tell me about the recording. You went to Ireland, didn’t you?
Ireland was the final recording session for the album and we had the chance to really bed it in over there. The studio was in a beautiful place and it was important to have this time in such an inspiring environment. We were truly blessed to have the company and production skills of George Drakoulias, too.

What hopes have you got for the new record?
To put it out there and see how it transpires! We’ll have fun playing the record live – I hope it brings joy into people’s lives and gives them positive energy.

Can you tell me about the setlist we’ll be hearing?
We had a full rehearsal yesterday and it put a smile on all our faces…

… no clues, then?!
Everyone has their own favourite songs, but we’ll be playing some Reef classics alongside the new tracks.

Saturday April 28th 2018, 7pm
Arts Club, Seel Street, Liverpool
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Pic by Jenny Hands