Now that’s what we call pop music… well, a certain type. There’s only two kinds of music – good and bad – and we like the breezy and melodic shelf of the ‘good’ section more than most. Lucky for us, then, that we’ve found the songs of Chloè Pitchford. Let us take you there, too. By Denis Parkinson.

Quality songs speak for themselves. It’s hard to get noticed in music, but sometimes all that’s needed is a glimpse of something good to draw listeners in. Build it and they will come, you know?

Liverpool singer/songwriter Chloè Pitchford has that rarest of qualities: the ability to write nailed-on pop songs, full of hooks, heart and honest melodies. Her debut single, ‘Take You There’, has had 16,000 Spotify streams and counting, while BBC Introducing are supporting the song, too. People are listening: “I like to write about things I know,” she says. “I think it’s better that way.”

The figures are backing that opinion up and as a response to an artist’s debut shot across the bow, it’s an impressive count. Follow up, ‘Messing Around’, is building momentum as well and proving that lightning can strike twice. The Scouser has been writing for a year and can currently be seen playing guitar and singing songs solo about life and relationships in various Liverpool venues. The tunes are good, the lyrics honest and word is spreading.

Her recordings, so far, are guitar-based and upbeat, with band arrangements supporting the songs without overpowering them. ‘Take You There’ is a classic two-and-a-half minute tune of relaxed delivery (with an instantly hummable melody) and flawlessly produced to present the artist in her best light. The singer/songwriter has plans for an album to follow in the autumn and another single will drop before then – intriguingly inspired by a dating choice based on star signs – as she plots a timeless journey made of one step followed by another.

Chloè Pitchford is on her way… and gathering speed.


Pic courtesy Chloè